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Prof. Mkumbukwa Angelo Mtambo

Prof. Mtambo, the Director General of Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organization (TIRDO) completed his Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine at the Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania and his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (Ph.D) at Glasgow University Veterinary School, Glasgow, United Kingdom .

During his doctorate studies he investigated on the epidemiology of Cryptosporidium infection in cats, a zoonotic parasite causing infections in animals and humans in particular those with the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Prof. Mtambo has taught and supervised a number of Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. students at the Sokoine University of Agriculture, University of Zimbabwe and University of Dar es Salaam. He reviewed a book on Cryptosporidium infection and published in various refereed journals and presented at various scientific conferences. Prof. Mtambo has been involved in researches on zoonotic water-borne protozoal parasites,  other animal diseases of public health significance, wildlife diseases, poultry diseases, Medicinal plants, and traditional Veterinary Medicine.

Prof. Mtambo has been the Project leader and member of various National and international research projects with DANIDA, NORAD, Welcome Trust, Carnigie RISE, FAO, IFS etc. Prof. Mtambo has also been involved in a number of consultancies with FAO, Ministry of Livestock Development, Ministry of Natural Resources and other institutions. Prof. Mtambo has three patents namely; TZ/P/10/00274 (2011): Use of crude extract from Synadenium glaucescens for treatment of poultry diseases, TZ/P/10/00277 (2011): Application of Commiphora swynnertonii crude extract for control of Newcastle disease in poultry and TZ/P/10/00280 (2011): Application of crude extract from Synadenium glaucescens for wound healing and control of bacterial and fungal diseases

Prof. Mtambo served as a Clinician In-Charge, Head of Department and Deputy Dean at Faculty of Veterinary medicine, the Sokoine University of Agriculture, and Deputy Vice Chancellor responsible for Academics, research and Innovations at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology in Arusha, Tanzania. Prof. Mtambo has also served as External Examiner for University of Nairobi, Kenya and Makerere University Uganda and served as an editor in various journals and proceedings. Currently Prof. Mtambo is the Director General of the Tanzania Industrial research and Development Organization (TIRD0).

Selected list of publications resulting from the research work include:

  1. Never Zekeya1, Madundo Mtambo, Suleman Ndaro2, Musa Chacha1 Patrick Ndakidemi and Ernest R. Mbega1(2017). The potential of Aspergillus species in transformation of agricultural products for sustainable production of textile and leather industries in Tanzania. African Journal of Biotechnology. 16: (6), 254-260
  2. H A Ngowi, P E Mushi, A M Lupindu, M M A Mtambo and A P Muhairwa (2017). Prevalence of intestinal parasites in pig manure and the potential for zoonotic transmission in urban/peri-urban areas of Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania. Livestock Research for Rural Development 29 (2):
  3. Abdul S Katakweba, Amandus P Muhairwa, Carmen Espinosa-Gongora, Luca Guardabassi, M. M.A. Mtambo, John Elmerdahl Olsen (2016). spa typing and antimicrobial resistance of Staphylococcus aureus from healthy humans, pigs and dogs in Tanzania. Journal of Infection in Developing Countries.
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