Governing Council
TAAS is administered by a Governing Council, which is the Academy’s supreme organ. The Council consists of: Elected office bearers including the Academy’s President, the Vice President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer, the Editor in Chief, six elected members, and the Executive Administrator. View Governing Council

The Council is responsible for the proper running of the business of TAAS and prepares the agenda for annual general meetings.

The Executive Committee
Comprising the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary General, the Treasurer, and the Editor in Chief, one other member and the Executive Administrator analyses issues and prepares agenda for the Governing Council. View Executive Committee

Other Functional Committees

  • Research, Education and Technology Development Committee.
  • Promotion and International Relations Committee.
  • Editorial, Publications and Seminar/Conferences Committee.
  • Finance and Fundraising Committee.
  • Awards Committee.

Functions of the Secretariates

  • President of the TAAS The President of TAAS is the overall Chief Executive of the Academy. She presides over General Meetings as well as the meetings of the Executive Committee and Governing Council.
  • The Vice President deputizes the President in managing all the affairs of the Academy.
  • The Secretary General heads the Secretariat of the Academy and   deals with all correspondence. He convenes all meetings after consultations with the President.
  • The Treasurer of the TAAS receives, banks and disburses the funds of the Academy. He keeps the TAAS books of Account.
  • The Editor in Chief of TAAS serves as Secretary to the editorial board. He compiles and ensures the proper editing and publication of the Academy’s materials.
  • The Executive Director works closely with the SG and other top leaderships of the Academy. Records the proceedings of all meetings and ensures the day to day running of the TAAS office.