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Title: DIASPORA SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION (STI) FORUM Tanzania Academy of Sciences is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.   Topic: Partnership and Collaboration Between Domestic and…

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Meeting between Ambassador Frédéric Clavier and the Tanzania Academy of Sciences

On February 22nd, 2018, Ambassador Frédéric Clavier and his team met with the governing body of the Tanzania Academy of Sciences: the President Prof. Esther Mwaikambo, the Executive Director Dr.…

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COMSATS strengthens ties with scientific institutions of Tanzania

A three-member delegation of COMSATS, comprising Dr. I.E. Qureshi, Executive Director COMSATS; Mr. Tajammul Hussain, Advisor (Programmes) COMSATS; and Mr. Farhan Ansari, Sr. Assistant Director (Programmes)…

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Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI)

UNESCO promotes Science, Technology & Innovation in Tanzania as the drivers of economic, strategic, social, and environmental, value creation. UNESCO is working with the national agencies to reposition the…

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Makamu wa Rais Dk Mohamed Gharib Bilali akifungua rasmi Mkutano wa Pamoja wa Kimataifa wa Watafiti Wanasayasi Afrika ulioandalia na Taasisi ya Taifa ya Utafiti wa Magonjwa ya Binadamu (NIMR) kwa kushirikiana…

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NIMR Awards

On 16 April 2013 Prof. Esther Mwaikambo was awarded "The 2013 African Best Health Research Scientist Award" by the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) - Tanzania. Every year, NIMR gives two awards,…

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Introducing New TAAS Fellows, March 2013

Introducing New TAAS Fellows

Introduction of New TAAS Fellows March, 2013, ....being elected a Fellow of an Academy such as TAAS, is a signifiant honour, and a great achievement, to the scholar being inducted, and also to the Academy, in…

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Book Launch “Lighting a Fire”

Thursday 2nd of August 2012 has been indelibly engraved in the annals of history of TAAS. It is the day when TAAS launched the long awaited and publicized fabulous book, Lighting a Fire. The Guest of "Honour,…

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