Stakeholders of TAAS

  • Members of the Academy.
  • Ministries, Departments, Agencies of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania.
  • Scientists in all disciplines.
  • Researchers and Research institutes.
  • Education institutions.
  • Industry - production and service sectors.
  • Small & Large Public & Private Investors.
  • Individual citizens.


  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and related Government Departments and Agencies.
  • Commission for Science & Technology (COSTECH), Tanzania Pesticides Research Institution (TPRI), National Institute for Medical Research(NIMRI),Tanzania Fisheries Research Institution (TAFIRI), Tanzania Forestry Research Institution(TAFORI), Institute of Marine Sciences of the University of Dar es Salaam(IMS), Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission(TAEC).
  • Universities and research institutes.
  • Professional associations - The Mathematical Association of Tanzania (MAT), 
  • Partner Academies - Kenya National Academy of Sciences (KNAS), Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS), Ghana National Academy of Sciences (GNAS), Africa Academy of Sciences(AAS), TWAS, NASAC, IAP.
  • Royal Society, UK and other Out in and of Africa Academies of Sciences.

The financial resource base of TAAS is through diversified sources:

  • Grants from the Government.
  • Membership fees and annual subscriptions from its members.
  • Support from partner academies e.g. Inter-Academy Panel, TWAS, AAS and NASAC.
  • Grants from International funding agencies.
  • Donations from Industries & Businesses and Philanthropic institutions.