COSTECH building, Kijitonyama, Dar es Salaam.
+255 222 927 554

Prof. Mayunga H.H. Nkunya

PhD (Field) :

Professor of Organic Chemistry

Location :

University of Dar es Salaam

Prof. Mayunga H.H. Nkunya is the Executive Secretary of the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) since July 2007. He is also Chairman of the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) Standing Committee for Quality Assurance since March 2006, and Chairman of the Tanzanian Advisory Council for National Education since October 2006. He is coordinating the IUCEA/DAAD quality assurance project since its inception in 2007. Prior to joining TCU, Prof. Nkunya was for 7 years (1999-2006) Chief Academic Officer (equivalent to Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs) of the University of Dar es Salaam, where he is Professor of Chemistry but currently on leave of absence for the TCU responsibilities.

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