COSTECH building, Kijitonyama, Dar es Salaam.
+255 222 927 554

Prof. Keto E. Mshigeni


Research Gate

Keto Mshigeni is a highly accomplished academic, scholar, researcher, and administrator. He is an elected Fellow of the World Technology Network (WTN), the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), the African Academy of Sciences (AAS), and the Tanzania Academy of Sciences (TAAS). Professor Mshigeni became a full Professor of Botany in 1979; and has served Tanzania, Africa, and the global community in various capacities. He had previously served as  Secretary General of the Tanzania Academy of Sciences;  Editor-in-Chief of Discovery and Innovation (a joint journal of TWAS and AAS); Founding Pro-Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research, University of Namibia; Head  of the  Botany Department  and Founding  Director of  Postgraduate Studies,  University of Dar es Salaam; UNESCO/United Nations University (UNU) Africa Chair  for promoting UNU’s Zero Emissions Research Initiative (ZERI) in Africa;  UNU Chair for the International Advisory Council  on ZERI; UNOPS Regional Director for pioneering: a UNDP project on Promoting Sustainable Development from Africa’s Biodiversity: a project that was based in Namibia, at UNAM, and that covered eight  African countries. 

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