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Light A Fire Book Launch, Feb, 2012 01

Book Launch “Lighting a Fire”

Thursday 2nd of August 2012 has been indelibly engraved in the annals of history of TAAS. It is the day when TAAS launched the long awaited and publicized fabulous book, Lighting a Fire. The Guest of "Honour, Hon. Mizengo K. Pinda, Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania thrilled the curious and enthusiastic audience, when he superbly summed it all, "Lighting a fire"
therefore, combines human enablement to see the way and his encouragement to pursue the unknown environment with due curiosity and determination to ' discover new and more rewarding products albeit other challenges for the happier lives of God's creations on our planet. This was echoed by all the other eminent speakers who attended the occasion.

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