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Prof. Amelia Kajumulo Kavaisi

Professor Applied Microbiology :

College Of Natural And Applied Sciences (UDSM)

Amelia Kajumulo Kavaisi is a retired Professor of Applied Microbiology. She was the founding member and first Head of Department of the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MBB) at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM). She is currently working on contract in the same department. She holds an MSc and PhD in Applied Microbiology and specialized in anaerobic digestion of lignicellulosic waste.


Kavaisi is a graduate with a bachelor's degree (MSc) and a bachelor of science degree (PhD) in microbiology and specializes in lacticellulosic residues.[citation needed]


Kavaisi has been a researcher for many years, her research focused on the biological conversion of organic waste into natural gas, mushrooms and biological pesticides. He has supervised and mentored many MSc and PhD students and has led several national and international research projects.

In collaboration with industrial partners, she is currently involved in promoting the biotech industry as the editor-in-chief of the Tanzania Science Journal and has published in several journals. He further disseminated research findings through active participation in many scientific conferences. Homepage of the Mushroom Agriculture Book in Tanzania Surveys

This is a list of some of the various surveys and work done by Prof. Kavaisi:

  • Use of industrial waste
  • Food security and entrepreneurship
  • Non-green revolution
  • Mushroom cultivation soil
  • Tanzanian Sector Sector: Investigations and behavior after harvest of mangrove as a biological remedy
  • Production of Oxidative and Hydrolytic enzymes by means of Coprinus cinereus (Schaeff). Ashes from manure residue mixed with cow dung

She is also responsible for providing references and edits to other studies conducted outside Tanzania.


This is a list of various books written by Prof. Kavaisi:

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