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Membership to the Academy consists of the following categories:
- Fellows.
- Honorary Fellows.
- Ordinary Members.
- Associate Members.
- Affiliate Members.

Fellowship of the Academy may be conferred by the Governing Council on persons who have made outstanding contributions in the field of Science and Technology, and shall be a mark of scientific distinction and integrity. Fellows shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting after nomination by the Council and based on a detailed statement on the prospective fellow’s scholastic merits.

Honorary Fellows
Honorary Fellowships may be conferred by the Governing Council on persons of eminence who have made significant contributions to the objectives of the Academy. Honorary Fellows shall not be expected to pay entry fees or annual subscriptions.

Ordinary Members
Membership of the Academy shall be open to all Tanzanians, and to other nationals of high academic standing through application and subsequent selection. Membership may also be open to other persons who have made significant contributions to scientific knowledge and/or technology.

Associate Members
Associate Membership shall be open to resident non-citizens who otherwise qualify for membership. The qualification, rights and privileges pertaining to Associate Membership are the same as for ordinary membership except that Associate members shall not be eligible to serve in the Executive Committee but may serve in other committees.

Affiliated Members
Any organization with aims and objectives related to those of TAAS may be affiliated to the Academy under terms recommended by the Executive Committee and confirmed by the Council.

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